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Drum Closures

Manufacturer & worldwide exporter of pneumatic & hand operated drum cap-seal crimping tools, plug wrench (bung tightener), drum faucet, rubber gasket ring for plugs, plain and custom printed drum cap seals and drum plugs for metal and plastic drums and other drum accessories.


Our crimping tools have hardened multiple jaws for unmatched security and wrinkle free sealing - guaranteed.


Design & Fabrication

Custom design and fabrication of machines and parts. Precision Die works and power press works.


Parts of filling and sealing machines like Norden Iwka Gan Gab Bossar.





At Ammu Industries, we believe in precision products and exceptional service.


Located in central Mumbai with wide range of machinery and 40 years of experience in the industry is our asset.

Ammu Hand Operated Drum Cap seal Crimping Tool

Ammu Pneumatic Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool

Ammu Pneumatic Plug Wrench / Bung Tightener Tool

Sample sealed drum capseal

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