Drum Closures and Accessories

Complete range of drum / barrel accessories.

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Steel and plastic drum plugs / bungs, Drum plug rubber gasket, Drum faucet, Spring balancer, Spiral recoil hose, Drum dip stick, Drum plug wrench (bung tighterner), Security seals and Filter regulator lubricator (FRL) unit.

Some of our valued customers are :

-- Indian Oil Corporation Limited

-- Pertamina Indonesia


-- British Petroleum

-- Colgate Palmolive (I) Limited

Brass Drum Faucet

Brass adjustable drum faucet.

3/4" NPT, self closing, for noncorrosive

flammable and nonflammable liquids.

Item Code : DA-1001

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Drum Faucet Tap


2" and 3/4" Drum Faucets for

Steel and Plastic HDPE drums.

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Manual Drum Plug Wrench - Sparkless

Manual drum plug wrench - sparkless.

Compatible to most round and hex

head plugs. Light weight aluminium.

Item Code : DA-1007

Manual Plug Wrench - Steel

Manual drum plug wrench. Stainless Steel.

Compatible to round head metal plugs.

Universal for 2" and 3/4" size.

Item Code : DA-1008

barrel pump

Hand Rotary Drum Pumps.

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Drum Dip Stick

Drum Dip Stick - Level Guage

To check level of content of drum.

SS304 / SS316 / Brass.

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spiral recoil hose

Spiral Recoil Hose

All sizes of ID / OD available.

Custom design as per requirement.

Item Code : DA-1013

Spring Weight Balancer

Spring balancer - Custom designed

for our pneumatic tools.

Item Code : DA-1009

Drum plug gasket ring

Drum plug rubber gasket (ring) for 2" and 3/4" round head steel plugs (bungs).

Item Code : DA-1010