Drum Dip Stick - Liquid Level Gauge

For 200 litres / 55 gallon barrels.

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Drum Dip Stick




Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / Brass


SS 304 - Item Code : DA-1014-304

SS 316 - Item Code : DA-1014-316

Brass - Item Code : DA-1014-BR


Usage : To check the liquid level in the drum.


This dipstick is made of Stainless Steel and calibrated in litres / gallons with engraved and inked graduations.


It will comfortably go through a 2" and 3/4" bung opening. And the stainless steel body with buff finish ensures easy cleaning of the stick.



Barrel level gauge

Drum level gauge

Dipstick for barrels to manually check the level of liquid content left inside.



Also called : Drum level indicator, drum gauge stick, dipstick for barrel, barrel level gauge, level gauge for steel drum.