Screw Cap Wrenches and Sockets

For jerrycan, IBC, pails, cans and all other containers.

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Manufacturer and worldwide exporter of screw cap tightening tools, torque wrenches and sockets for 50mm, 51mm, 60mm, 61mm, 70mm, 71mm and any custom size as per your requirement.


Worldwide door delivery and there is No Minimum Order Quantity.


Can be used with pneumatic and manual wrench and torque wrenches. Designed for opening and closing screw caps with ease.


Feel free to contact us by email / fax / phone to get more details and a quote.

70mm Wrench Head with Handle and 3/8" Drive : Torque wrench head with handle. Aluminum socket for use with 70mm Priority Plastics screw caps.

Material : Extruded Aluminum head and Stainless Steel handle.

Socket for Priority Plastic Screw Cap 70mm

70mm plastic screw cap

Wrench Head with 1/2" Drive for Rieke 70mm Cap : Torque wrench head. Aluminum socket for use on 70 mm Rieke closures.

Material : Extruded Aluminum rod.

Socket for Rieke 70mm Screw Cap

rieke plastic cap

Brass Socket with 1/2" Drive for 50mm, 51mm, 60mm and 61mm Screw Caps : Torque Wrench Head. For use on Industrial screw caps.

Material : Extruded Brass rod.

socket for screw cap

industrial screw cap

Manual and Pneumatic Wrench for use with above sockets :

- Adjustable Torque Wrenches and Fixed Wrenches available with above sockets.

- Pneumatic wrench and Manual wrench also available.

Adjustable Toruq Wrench

Adjustable Torque Wrench

Pneumatic Plug Wrench

Pneumatic Wrench

Plastic Wrench for Plastic Screw Caps :

For use on industrial plastic screw caps of 50mm, 60mm and 70mm. Can be manufactured for any custom size.

ammu plastic wrench for screw cap

industrial screw cap